Frank and Dean
Andy and Susan as Dean Marilyn

Christina S.

Christina S. Tribute to SHAKIRA
Christina not only resembles Britney, Shakira, Faith, Christina, and Jessica: she also generates an equal amount of charisma and electrifying stage presence to her show stopping performances. Hear her wonderful voice and watch how her dance steps are rehearsed to perfection. This star quality comes from a natural gift for singing and dance, combined with training and a sincere dedication to her craft. The show is a high energy event filled with great music, fabulous costurmes, perfect choreography, and live vocals.
From a young age, Christina produced her own backyard variety shows for neighborhood kids. And has appeared in local community theatre, won pageant title's and also modeled.
Working as a impersonator has given Christina many opportunities to live her dream of singing, dancing, and being the star of the show.
Christina adores Britney, Christina, Shakira, Faith, and Jessica and hopes one day they commend her for a job well done. She is very happy doing what she loves best, Entertaining! And it shows when you see a few jaws drop and hear the overflowing applause from the crowd.

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