Frank and Dean
Andy and Susan as Dean Marilyn
Dianne W. as XENA


Art Tribute to DEAN MARTIN

This one man tribute act is a taste of the great Dean Martin, “straight up”.  The magic of the legendary Dean Martin was that audiences enjoyed the act as much as he did.  Part of the fun was watching Dean have such a good time.  Art understands and personifies this, capturing Dino’s easygoing charm as he comically carouses and effortlessly croons the hits, including:

 The act’s running time can be any length up to 45 minutes.  “Dean” is always ready and willing to meet his audience personally and pose for pictures with them.
“O Solo Dino” is a swaggering onstage brew of the look, the sound, the charm, the comedy and the vocal bravado of the one and only, Mr. Dean Martin.


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